When it comes to waxing, fast is good! After having performed 2+ million waxing services, we've got this down!

Our skilled estheticians maintain a super clean, ultra-hygienic room with medical-level autoclaving and sterilization, with CDC-recommended disinfection standards & EPA-approved cleaning supplies. Whether you have sensitive skin, fine or coarse hair, our estheticians will select from 4 different varieties of the industry-leading Cirepil wax to customize your waxing experience and leave your skin smooth without irritation.


Brow Shape & Wax | $29

Your esthetician will create a brow shape to best complement your facial features, then wax, trim and tweeze to create flawless brows.

Lip Wax | $19

Sides, middle and corners of the mouth. Lower lip included as needed.


Classic Bikini | $50

Follows along the panty line for a perfectly clean look and feel.

Ultra Slim Bikini | $62

About an inch inside of the Classic Bikini Line to give you a narrower look.

Brazilian | $82

Everything goes including the inner backside. A thin strip can be left, if desired.

Brazilian Maintenance | $72

Must be within 5 weeks of last InSpa Brazilian Wax

Buttocks (Strip) | $24

Hair is removed from the strip.

Buttocks (Full) | $34

Includes buttocks strip and cheeks.


Full Face | $80

Hair is removed from the forehead, cheeks, sideburns, lip, chin, and just under the jawbone. Eyebrows included! Does not include neck, ears or nose.

Chin | $19

Includes the chin. Can include lower lip to just under the jawbone.

Cheeks | $20

Includes the cheeks. Does not includes the sideburn.

Ears | $18

Hair will be removed from the outside of the ear to just inside the ear canal.

Jawline/Sideburns | $24

Hair is removed from the jawline all the way up to the top of the ear; does not include the ear itself.

Nose | $19

Remove hairs from the base of the nose to just inside the rim.


Half Leg | $55

Top or the knee down to the toes OR top of the thighs to bottom of the knee.

Full Leg | $89

Tip of the toes to the top of thighs.

Feet & Toes | $19

Tops of the feet and toes.


Full Arm | $55

Hair is removed from the bottom of the wrist, up the length of the arms. Does not include fingers, hands, underarms, or shoulders.

Lower or Upper Arm | $44

Upper arm including the elbow to shoulder; does not include shoulder. Lower arm includes elbows, hands and fingers.

Shoulder | $30

From the base of the neck to the top of the arms. Does not include upper arm.

Underarm | $30

Hair is waxed from the entire armpit. Tweezing as necessary to ensure complete smoothness.

Hands | $19

Hair is waxed on the top of the hands and fingers.

Full Back | $76

From the neck all the way down to the small of the back. Includes shoulders.

Chest | $50

Includes the pectoral muscles from the start of the collar bone. Does not include shoulders or stomach.

Upper or Lower Back | $39

Upper back: hair is removed from the tops of shoulders to mid-back. Lower back: hair is removed from mid- back to just above the buttocks.

Stomach (Strip) | $20

Hair is removed from the top of the bikini line to the navel.

Stomach (Full) | $32

Hair is removed below ribcage to above hip bones.

Please note: If you are taking Acutane, Retin-A, Renova, Adapalene, prescription for Rosacea, or antibiotics; or using products containing Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Retinol, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids, your skin will be too sensitive for waxing.