From lash tints and lifts to lash extensions, brow shaping and tinting to brow lamination and microblading, your eyes will stand out and complement your facial features.

Our estheticians utilize highly reputable brands for all lash & brow treatments, ensuring the best possible results and a relaxing experience for you.


Lash Lift | 45 Minutes – $115

Natural lashes are lifted from the base of the eyelid, giving eyes an instant lift and creating longer and fuller looking lashes.

Lash Tint | 30 Minutes – $35

Darken & enhance your natural lashes for up to 4 weeks.

Lash Lift & Tint | 60 Minutes – $140

Add a lash tint to your lash lift service for a more dramatic result!

Lash Extensions – Full Set | 120+ Minutes - $250 - $375

Lash Extension Fills | $70 - $140

Currently offered at select InSpa locations.

Achieve longer, fuller lashes with a full set of eyelash extensions. Choose from Classic, Hybrid or Volume to best achieve your desired looked.


Brow Shape | 15 Minutes – $29

Your esthetician will create a brow shape to best complement your facial features, then wax, trim and tweeze to create flawless brows.

Brow Tint | 15 Minutes – $27

Tinting is a great way to enhance & define your natural brows – no need for makeup for up to 4 weeks.

Brow Lamination | 45 Minutes – $110

Think of it as a "perm" for your brows, a setting lotion that helps brow hair appear thicker and fuller; brushed up and lifted for up to six weeks.

Brow Lamination & Tint| 60 Minutes – $125

Make your fluffy, full brows stand out even more with a defining tint.

Microblading | 150 Minutes – $550
Currently offered at select InSpa locations.

Microblading is a highly accurate, semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattoo. It fills in sparse eyebrows in a natural-looking way, creating the illusion of more hairs on the brow. Complete service includes initial consultation plus 6-week touch-up. Yearly touch-ups are recommended to maintain the look.